Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) performed by a Vodder certified professional is a gentle, effective, and non-invasive form of bodywork. Although there isn’t much attention paid to the lymphatic system in the US, these techniques are based on a long history of scientific research of the anatomy & physiology of the lymphatic system in Europe. It is the only scientifically validated technique of massage.

MLD can shorten recovery and minimize side-effects of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, especially when applied both pre- and post-operative. Even if you miss the pre-operative advantages, the post-operative effects are dramatic.

With MLD use as a therapeutic aid to surgery recovery,

you might experience


  1. Reduced swelling and bruising

  2. Quicker healing of incision and firmer, more pliable scars

  3. Less discomfort

  4. Softening and dissolving of hard, lumpy areas

  5. Skin made suppler and smoother, bringing back normal texture and tone

  6. Extra fluid redirected from congested areas to improve circulation and promote healing

With A Facial Rejuvenation Treatment*, you might experience:

*A combination face and neck treatment combining MLD and ancient facial Cupping techniques

  1. Increased circulation

  2. Increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity

  3. Increase nutrients to the tissues and helps eliminate waste

  4. Reduce underlying muscle tension and tightness, easing expression lines

  5. Reduce swelling, detoxifies and breaks up deep scar tissue (wrinkles)

  6. Tightens pores, brightens eyes, reduces acne

  7. Cupping treatments stimulates the thyroid, adrenals, eyes, ears, sinuses and brain function

Liposuction & Plastic Surgery Recovery / Facial Rejuvenation